Do you have children who have sooooooo many new toys that it is time to clean out the ones they have “outgrown” or no longer play with? Or were you simply cleaning out the bedroom/playroom to find there is just too much in there and SOMETHING has to go? Or are you a collector that has either lost interest in some or all of a collection or has upgraded to something new and don't have space for the older item?

I am looking to buy your gently used toys and collectibles! Here are the toy lines I am primarily interested in…

Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe (Marvel superhero figures like Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor and Captain America), Robotech, Centurions, Visionaries, Wheeled Warriors, and LEGOs (primarily sets or mini figures from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman etc).

I am looking for action figures, vehicles, playsets, role-playing toys (blasters and lightsabers), collectible busts and statues, replica weapons, trade paperback comics, DVDs, and anything else along those lines.

The best way to help you is for you to e-mail me HERE and include a description as well as a couple of pictures of the things you are looking to clean out. This will help me gauge what you have and give you the best offer I can. I will reply to your message as soon as I can and at that time I will let you know the details. Once we come up with a deal we can then agree on a safe place to meet for pick-up.


Also, don't forget to come see us at local Dallas area shows and conventions!  See the main page for the next location!  Bring your toys and collectibles you no longer need to the show/convention and I'll make you an offer on site!

Thanks for reading this and have a great day! I hope I can help!!! - Drew